Oh how Nice!

DSC_8129.jpgA few years ago, if you had told me that I would be vacationing in the south of France with a crew of Dykxhoorns, I would have been convinced you were slightly delusional.DSC_8135.jpgDSC_8146.jpgDSC_8124.jpgThe marvelous thing about Nice is that you are expected, nay REQUIRED, to relax and transition to a slower, sweeter life. The best days in Nice are the ones that you spend in and out of the sparklingly blue Mediterranean Sea, taking leisurely strolls through the shopping streets and the narrow, twisted streets of the old city, and enjoying warm evenings with wine, cheese, and friends.DSC_8141.jpgDSC_8198.jpgIMG_4242 (1).JPGDSC_8119.jpgShe will always find her way to Chatham. IMG_4232 (1).JPGThere were some sculptures and other interesting things to see. IMG_4230.JPGDSC_8075Andrea & I took full advantage of the sun and salt water, spending hours luxuriating on the beach, dipping in and out of the waves at leisure. IMG_4198.JPGIMG_4217.JPGIMG_4222.JPGIMG_4237.JPGIMG_4245 (1).JPGOn the private beach, we were able to procure delicious treats while we did hard relaxing. IMG_4209 (1).JPGIMG_4212 (1).JPGOn our last morning, we rented a pair of stand up paddle boards. It was a total blast, battling the waves and paddling around. Our time was definitely ended when Andrea decided to introduce her face and paddled back to shore with a very dramatic-looking bleeding face that seemed to horrify the innocent people on the shore. Thankfully, there was a nearby first aid station and all was well in the end.  IMG_4247 (1).JPGIMG_4312.JPGIMG_4321.JPGEven though our patio was completely alluring, we tore ourselves away on a few of the evenings in search of gelato and to watch night settle around Nice. DSC_8078DSC_8077DSC_8073DSC_8067DSC_8100DSC_8098DSC_8076DSC_8079DSC_8083DSC_8085DSC_8096DSC_8087DSC_8093DSC_8090We are staying in the most spectacular Airbnb that I have ever seen. The exterior is graced with elaborate stone carvings, and after you pass through the stately marble lobby, ascend the Hollywood-worthy staircase, you get to the most beautiful, modern, and minimalist condo I have ever seen, that had mirrors everywhere!DSC_8103DSC_8106DSC_8109.jpgOne of the best features of this place is a sprawling patio with space to lounge and eat, and enjoy the spectacular Nice air. We definitely lived the good life, using this space for little naps, chatting and wine, and elaborate dinner spreads. DSC_8022DSC_8028DSC_8042

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