Gamla Uppsala & Uppsala, Sweden

img_0360Gamla Uppsala is “one of the most important historic settings in Sweden,” so it seemed like an obvious day trip from Stockholm to do some hill sitting and history learning.

These huge mounds mark the site of prehistoric graves fro the 3rd and 4th century, marking the centre of Norse culture. It later became an important site of early Christianity in Sweden.

Figured I should bring in another spiritual practice to this site, by doing some yoga on the sacred site.img_0368After a bit of wandering up and down the hills, I set up on a grassy mound to do a bit of work, while Despina headed into the museum to continue the learning. After we had our fill of sun-kissed hills, we headed back into Uppsala to explore the town and take a peek at the spectacular cathedral.img_0468It was a pretty spectacular building.IMG_5011.jpgMade even better by the impressive organist who played soul-shaking music out of the massive pipe organ as we explored. IMG_5024.jpgWe ended the action-packed day with some delicious food. A pretty much perfect day of wandering. IMG_0040.jpg

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