Rome in the details

There are a few MAJOR things in Rome – a couple rather well-known buildings, a fountain or two, some stairs, a few relatively famous painted ceilings. But that is not what this post is about.

One of the things that I like to notice when I wander through new places is the little details that make this space special, unique, or strange.

Here were a few of those details that most delighted me about Rome.

The first Roman citizens I met were pigeons, who were completely unfazed by humans. I had to get a glam shot of one for my bestie, who has strong feelings about these flying beasts. dsc_9127In the Vatican museums, you spend most of your time looking up, because the walls and ceilings are lined with exquisite and important art, but I have to say that the Vatican flooring was pretty great as well!  dsc_8848I love peeking around corners and down little alleys because the entire city is filled with the most beautiful surprises.  dsc_8473And ALL the scooters and motorcycles. I am pretty sure my dad would not make it down most of these streets, as there are just too many pretty bikes to check out. dsc_8504While I don’t have the kindest things to say about Rome’s subway system, as it is more than a bit filthy, but I think it makes for cool pics. dsc_8866I was completely mesmerized by this spray-paint street artist. Within a few minutes, he was able to create stunning pieces of art. DSC_9208.jpgAND he lit things on fire. What more could you ask for?dsc_9212 xo

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