A colossal number of photos of a certain colosseum: Rome

img_5241I can’t quite express how excited I was to get to visit the Colosseum. Our first day in Rome, we headed there shortly before sunset. On the way to the Colosseum, you can see these ancient ruins. dsc_8623dsc_8621Which were pretty amazing, but they didn’t prepare me for how amazing the Colosseum was! img_5096dsc_9188DSC_8726.jpgDSC_8731.jpgNext to the Colosseum is this beautiful arch. dsc_9196dsc_8957Oogling the outside was not enough for me and I was super keen to take a closer look. So, the following day, Despina and I headed back. img_5200[Travel tips: your entrance ticket is actually valid for two days and is also good for some other attractions. If you as lucky as Despina, you may be given a ticket from a stranger good for the following day!). You don’t need to buy in advance, but I again recommend it, as the line was WAY shorter for those who had purchased a ticket already. Also, it is stricter than airport security, so don’t bring anything liquid and valuable with you. I was audio-guided out, after the long day of cultural learning at the Vatican, so I ended up joining a short English walking tour for only €5, which was really educational and quite engaging.]dsc_9090dsc_8905dsc_9076dsc_8958dsc_9023dsc_9030img_5232We spent hours there, wandering, taking pictures, and thinking. As the sun got lower, the crowds started to thin, and this eerie silence hung around the ancient walls. img_5235We hung out till the very last minute, enjoying a few moments of having this very old, very interesting building to ourselves before security ushered us out. dsc_9052


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