Murano: Island of glass

In a different life nearly 10 years ago, I used to spend a lot of hours sitting in the Sheridan glass studio while my then-boyfriend crafted things out of glass. During these times, I learned an appreciation for this art form including the skill and precision it took to make even the simplest hand-blown cup or vase. This was also the first time I had heard of the magical Italian mecca of glass, Murano island. DSC_9330.jpgAs I was only partially functional (concussed and one-handed from the previous night), taking a few hours on the water bus to get to and from an artisan island seemed exactly my speed.

When we arrived, we were not disappointed. There was glass EVERYWHERE. The shops were filled with glass of every description, the public art showcased large works, like this abacus: DSC_9384.jpgAnd probably most famously, this big and blue installment by Simone Cenedese.DSC_9364.jpgDSC_9315.jpgDSC_9312.jpgDSC_9299.jpgDSCF2817.jpgI decided to break my shopping ban and get this beautiful multi-metallic glass ring. I met the flameworker who made it in her dad’s glass shop, and she was the most lovely. DSC_9464.jpgIn addition to the shops brimming with glass, the rest of the town is charming and worth a wander. DSC_9371.jpgDSC_9397.jpgSelfie time! DSCF2833.jpgOn the waterbus ride back, we decided to hop off at San Michele, the Cemetary Island.DSC_9451.jpgDSC_9455.jpgDSCF2899.jpgNecessary naps waiting for the waterbus to return: IMG_5312.jpgDSCF2903.jpgDSC_9447.jpg(Thanks Steve for some of the pics in this post: #7, 11, 14, 15. You can see more of his pics on his Flickr page).

Practical note: Getting to both Murano and San Michele is really simple using the waterbus system. We had purchased 2-day passes (which was a bit pricey) but is the simplest way of getting around Venice. It also services the nearby islands of Murano and San Michele, so it was money well-spent. Here are pics of the traveling trio enjoying waterbus life!DSC_9231.jpgDSCF2571.jpg

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