Oh my heart. Venice.

One we settled into our little airbnb apartment, we starting the trip off in the way that would soon be our customary state – being pleasantly but perpetually somewhat lost, but not really minding as there were so many astonishing things to see, no matter which direction we headed in. dscf2600THE thing to do in Venice is wander. You won’t be disappointed. I think our trip can vaguely be divided into day wanderings and night wanderings. The days blur together in a hazy, dreamy blend of magical delights, stopping for delicious food and wine, before resuming our wandering.

Day wandering

Strolling around Venice during the day is a total delight, and I am pretty sure at almost every turn, at least one of us was stopping to take a photo because it honestly is that pretty! IMG_5268.jpgdscf2602DSC_9676.jpgDSC_9272.jpgDSC_9852.jpg

I have never seen jelly fish in the wild before! So this was pretty cool for me! DSC_9845.jpgDSC_9833.jpg29984917212_6a3f7276eb_o.jpgWe leisurely breakfasted by the canal, watching a floating vegetable vender sell fresh produce off their boat. DSC_9826.jpgDSCF3107-2.jpgIMG_5409.jpgWe popped in the cutest shops during some of our wanders. The thing I decided is that I really need to up my pen game if I want to write my PhD in style. dscf2663We sipped Spritz’ and glasses of wine as the day slipped into night.DSC_9856.jpg

Night wandering

Venice transforms after dark into a mysterious and enchanting world, where the tiny alleys seem to promise to guard your secrets and to assuage your fantasies. dscf2677We stopped to sit in Piazza San Marco to listen to to the classiest battle of the bands of all time. The very expensive restaurants had live bands serenading their diners with an endless stream of beautiful music. dscf2689DSC_9767.jpg29955050342_ee11ca6dce_oDSC_9773.jpgDSC_9473.jpgDSC_9552.jpgDSC_9548.jpg

And the occasional destination

Occasionally, we did have an actual destination in mind, like this incredible bookshop.  DSCF2995.jpgDSC_9645.jpgDSC_9653.jpg

DSC_9658.jpg I savoured every moment of this place, and I am so glad I was travelling with a photography squad of Steve and Despina, because it meant we captured so many unique perspectives on this city. If you want to see more of Steve’s pics, you should check out his flickr!



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