Tag wars: For the sensory kid in all of us

This might ruin me.

tagA seemingly innocuous little white tag protruding out of the side of my t-shirt might actually take me down.

so uncomf.gif

I feel like I am describing a universal experience – when you pull on a shirt or pair of undies and the tag is STABBING you.

cactus tag.jpg

Sometimes, bodies are incredible, adaptable machines, that are able to, for example, notice a tag, then acclimate to that and move on with regular life. However, other days, particularly when I am stressed, my sensory systems INSIST on notifying me every moment that THERE IS A TAG IN YOUR SHIRT! PAY ATTENTION! THIS MIGHT BE AN EMERGENCY! DID I MENTION THERE IS A TAG?! The insistance of my sensory systems on these days makes me want to jump out of my skin.

Now, it should be noted that I have tried all the normal approaches to tag irritation reduction: the classic “cut as close as you can, but usually also cut the shirt a little bit” and also experimented with the “cut in a rounded shape, so the edges are shorter and you create a rounded nub, similar to how you cut Mr Freezie giant freezies to avoid cutting the sides of your mouth.”

Neither approach has been particularly successful. In desperation, I turned to Google to find brands of basic t-shirts and tanks that don’t have the “washing directions” side tag, and found that many say that it is a legal requirement for garments to have these tags. So, while I go find myself a seam ripper and actually unpick the seams of my shirts and re-sew them together sans tag, I muse that THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY!

So I consulted with my favourite OT, who is my go-to-gal for all things sensory, and we decided to put together a list of brands that have been able to skirt around these (questionably) legal regulations and produce shirts that don’t stab my sensitive side flesh all day long.

I think the secret might be “seamless” t-shirts… Will investigate more.

If you have any brands to add to the list, please comment! 


It was with great relief when I slipped out of my basic cotton t-shirt and into my running top today. The Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve by Lululemon has “seamless construction” and no side seams means no side tag! This shirt is available in long sleeve, short sleeve, and tank versions in 10+ colours. Unfortunately, it is expensive, so I would like to find a cheaper, everyday tee that has these enviable features.



I just found this Cotton comfort Ladies ‘Happy’ Tee Shirt at sensory-smart.com.

They also have long-sleeve t-shirts as well. At £12.47/shirt (approx $15 CAD). While I do feel these models are unnecessarily sensual for demonstrating a t-shirt, I might give these a try when I next need to replace my standard black t-shirts. If I do, I will update this page to let you know my thoughts, and if this is indeed a Happy Tee.

The other product I discovered on this site was latex-free, hypoallergenic tape that can be used to cover pesky tags, in the event you want to wear “normal” clothes. At £6.50 (nearly $8 CAD), it seems a bit pricey for tape, but it might save my sanity when I wear my beloved but tagged garments.

So, reiterate, tags are the worst, and I am now fully at war with them and must find a way to rid them from my life. If you have suggestions, please let me know! I will keep updating this post when I find other brands that fit the tagless ideal.

[end rant]




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