Gondola & goodbye

Venice is meant to be seen by the water, and there was no way we could leave this floating island without taking a gondola. DSCF2642.jpgDSC_9687.jpgIMG_5411.jpgThis was our gondolier. DSC_9688.jpgWe floated through the narrow canals as the sun was starting to go down. It was one of the most peaceful feelings – to sit back in a gently rocking boat as someone expertly propels you around a magical town. DSCF3030.jpgDSC_9694.jpgDSC_9715.jpgDSC_9713.jpgAfter a while, it seemed befitting that we transform into creatures of the night, featuring our Venetian masks. IMG_5370.jpgDSCF3048.jpgDSCF3050.jpgDSC_9727.jpgDSCF3062.jpgVenice nearly knocked me out, but it also stole my heart. I think I left a piece of my heart in this city. I hope that someday I will float back into this special place and experience more of this magic.dsc_9690DSC_9693.jpgUntil next time. ❤DSC_9573.jpg

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