Be a Deer, and pass me the Soap

My sister does the wierdest and coolest stuff. This is one such project. Excited/scared to sample this project in a few months.

Wonderful Wanderings


Deer season has come and gone.  I spent some quality time sitting in a tree. Waiting. Sitting. Hoping. Fidgeting. Although no deer ambled my way, it was still not a bad place to spend some time.

Luckily another fella got a doe, so I still will end up with yummy meat, a hide to tan (more on that later) and fat!

Whilst butchering the deer (which is super fun btw!), I was amazed by the volume and ‘quality’ slabs of fat on the lady. I knew there must be something fantastic that could be made with it. So I grabbed some fat, asked the question, and google answered.  The main projects seemed to be candles and soap (and pemmican). Soap it is.

Phase 1. “Render the Tallow” – chop the meat off the fat, dice it into to pieces and toss it in the crockpot.  Cook on low for many hours (6+hours)…

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