Almost the Ice Hotel

One of the main tourist attractions in the Kiruna area is the spectacular Ice Hotel – the source of surreal images like this: Image result for ice hotel kirunaUnfortunately, our thoroughly planned (HA) trip fell outside peak tourist season in the region and unfortunately, while the ice hotel is “open” the ice parts are not actually built. We did a small amount of what may be construed as trespassing to check out what the hotel will look like once constructed. This is basically what we saw: dsc_0135And a few stray ice blocks: dsc_0157The permanent (non-ice) buildings are decorated in spectacular Scandinavian style, which I did really enjoy:dsc_0121After the somewhat disappointing tour, we had some delicious ice drinks, served in blocks of ice.


dsc_0197dsc_0211dsc_0213dsc_0226dsc_0232I, of course, set about melting and eating my glass, because that is what you do when you are an adult and served a drink in an edible container. dsc_0240Good to the last drop.

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