Nature, skiing, reindeer hearts, and puppy love: Kiruna, Sweden

As mentioned in a previous post, Kiruna is not much to look at in terms of a metropolitan city, but it happens to be surrounded by some of the starkest and most beautiful nature. We were mesmerized by the trees blanketed in snow and the deafening silence of the thickly snow-covered woods.img_6111img_6128dsc_0016img_6217img_6122dsc_0082img_6197img_6132dsc_0043img_6098img_6114dsc_0020-copyThere were only a few hours of actual daylight each day – the sun rose around 11 and set shortly after 2, but we took advantage of the light to explore, and as the sun went away, there was enough light reflecting off the snow to give a beautiful glow. img_6115dsc_0045dsc_0039dsc_0266-2dsc_0079


We had booked a dogsledding day, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough snow to run the tours, so instead we decided to go skiing. We learned that there was a special event at the local ski hill, where the lift was free, sponsored by several ski companies who were running a test event. All we needed to do was rent boots and we could borrow skiis and spend the day on the slopes. This was how excited I was: img_7014img_6133Brhm was a total champ for her first attempt at skiing. img_6135I was quite nervous, as the only time I had gone downhill skiing was 8 years ago, and I remember mostly falling a lot, interspersed with tiny tastes of the exhilaration possible when you are successfully sliding down a hill skis. Shockingly, it seems that more stuck than I had expected, and in no time, I was DOMINATING the baby hill. And by dominating, I mean gleefully and slowly easing down the gentle decline making slow and cautious turns whilst tiny Swedes swooshed around me. Regardless of my tottering pace, I could not stop smiling. It was one of the best things I have done in a long time. I think I have a new hobby! img_6144

Puppy love

Our airbnb host was so lovely and he had the friendliest dog, Skoota. The three of us were soon smitten with this sweet pup and were delighted to borrow the dog for walks, runs, and belly rubs throughout the weekend. img_6209img_7001img_6074img_6218

Reindeer hearts

My colleagues had requested I bring back the “beating heart of a baby reindeer” which seemed like a reasonable request… So we ended up stopping by a local shop to check out the selection of reindeer wares, which included a variety of furs and meat products of every description. img_6093I picked up some cozy wool, some coffee cheese (something akin to halloumi that you put in your coffee), and a smoked reindeer heart to “enjoy” at an office fika. Because leaving a reindeer heart on your colleagues desk is really the best way to show you care… Also, I am SO not on Santa’s good list this year after this…img_6224

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