Tough girls of 2017

Happy New Year, friends!

Several months ago, I joined the “Tough Girl Tribe,” a closed Facebook which is a wonderful community of women who take on challenges and live vibrant and full lives. It has been really great being part of this group. For 2017, in addition to the regular content of incredible adventurers that Sarah Williams, creator of the Tough Girl Challenges, selected 7 women in the tribe to follow through the year as we take on different challenges.

I am super excited to be one of the “7 Women – 7 Challenges in 2017.”


Sarah interviewed me to chat about some of the fun challenges for the coming year. The first episode is here: Tough Girl – 7 in 2017 with some of the details here. There is a huge variety of ladies featured in the episode – my interview starts at around 2:18:30.

I had shared some of my 2017 adventure plans already on the blog, so you can also read that post here: Adventure planning

You can also subscribe to the Tough Girl podcast on iTunes – which I highly recommend, as you can check out some of the amazing previous episodes – a few of my favs are Polly VacherJuliana Buhring, and Kat Davis.

This is going to be an awesome year! Thanks for cheering me on as I prepare for these adventures. I would also love to hear what challenges you are taking on in 2017!



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