Disappearing for a day into a magical city: Lisbon, Portugal

After an intense month, I arrived in Lisbon. I had one night to explore this vibrant city and I fully embraced the chance to disappear into a new city. I settled into this charming hostel (Sunset Destination Hostel) before turning my attention to the narrow cobble stone streets, the colourful ceramic buildings, and the crumbing stones of beautiful old buildings.DSC_0383.jpgIt was not hard to spend hours wandering these streets. So many beautiful colours and complex textures. It was wonderful. Here are a few pics of this vibrant corner of the world. DSC_0406.jpgDSC_0412.jpgDSC_0441.jpgDSC_0453.jpgDSC_0456.jpgDSC_0462.jpgDSC_0466.jpgDSC_0468.jpgDSC_0485.jpgDSC_0499.jpgDSC_0509.jpgDSC_0513.jpgDSC_0515.jpgDSC_0523.jpgDSC_0451.jpgDSC_0563.jpgDSC_0578.jpgDSC_0584.jpgDSC_0592.jpg

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