An afternoon in the magical Vile Nova de Milfontes

It was a real treat to get to my campsite early in the afternoon and having a few daylight hours to explore the charming town and beach of Vile Nova de Milfontes. This little town is nestled on the Alentejo coastline with rugged coastlines and perfect sandy beaches. I spent a bit of time exploring the historical bits of the town. DSC_0824.jpgDSC_0827.jpgDSC_0820.jpgDSC_0830.jpgand then listen to the call of the cliffs and headed along the shore to continue exploring. DSC_0832.jpgDSC_0838.jpgIMG_6799.jpgDSC_0958.jpgDSC_0850.jpgIMG_6810.jpgDSC_0851.jpgDSC_0875.jpgI saw this older fisherman head out over the black volcanic rocks, nimbly walking along the rocks towards the ocean. DSC_0852.jpgDSC_0857.jpgHe made it look SO easy, that I thought I would try it for myself. It was IMPOSSIBLE! More holes than solid rock. I got a few feet and turned back. So much respect for this dude!DSC_0874.jpgHow is this place real?! Every time I turned the corner, the scenery got even more stunning. DSC_0890.jpgDSC_0893.jpgDSC_0905.jpgDSC_0912.jpgDSC_0924.jpgDSC_0928.jpgDSC_1009.jpg

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