The surf, the sun, and reaching the south: Carrapateira – Portimao

Travelling to the south-western nip of Portugal was a breathtaking journey. There was a lovely , quiet, “collectors” road beside the highway which made for smooth riding all the way to the tip.

I stopped for snacks at a popular surf beach which was absolutely spectacular – perfect beach surrounded by stunning cliffs. It also seems to be the birth place of the man bun, judging from the dense population of them sported by the various surfers that roamed the beach. DSC_1063.jpgDSC_1065.jpgDSC_1068.jpgDSC_1070.jpgDSC_1076.jpgDSC_1086.jpgDSC_1095.jpgContinuing west, I arrived at the south-western point – Cape Saint-Vincent, where I had a lovely chat with several fellow nomads and enjoyed a few espressos while I basked in the warm sun. DSC_1098.jpgThere were bold fishermen fishing off these 50 ft cliffs! I am of the opinion that no fish is really worth reeling it up these steep dropoffs, but apparently the local fishermen are adept at managing what I perceive to be a really dangerous activity and were pretty nonchalant about the entire situation. I was told they have special techniques, involving sending down a basket if they catch a really big one. Still seems a little bit bananas to me, but I suppose some of the things that I do seem bonkers to others. IMG_6858.jpgAfter savouring this special place, I put my head down and peddled hard agains the sinking sun, in an attempt to reach a campsite near Portimau before dark. I was so relieved to wheel into my campsite as night was gathering and happily hunkered down in my down cocoon for the evening with the classiest bedtime snack of all – a tray of gf oreos and a juice box of wine.

Life is pretty good. IMG_6863.jpg


Remember, this is all part of my “Pedalling for Mental Health” challenge, where I am hoping to raise money for mental health research. If you are able to support this great charity, please donate here!


Today’s distance:  56 miles/90 km

Total miles logged: 1,167 miles/1,878 km

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