Hanging with royal ghosts @ Hampton Court Palace

I am so lucky to live with two wonderful ladies. Together we make the unstoppable and delightful “Highgate Honeys.” Even after having [more than] a few beers at the pub last night, Nastassja and Emma were keen to get out and enjoy the rare sunny Sunday. img_7446Our destination for the day was the Hampton Court Palace, Henry VIII’s spectacular stomping grounds.  DSC_1933.jpgBuilt in the 1500-1600s, it showcases both Baroque and Tudor architecture (or at least that is what the audio tour and my super keen architecture nerd flatmates tell me). In general, every detail was really pretty – from the opulent halls, elaborate bed chambers, art galleries, and beautiful gardens. The palace walks through Henry VIII sorted marital history.

So, here are a whole bunch of pics from the palace and the immaculate grounds. DSC_1724.jpgLoved the kitchens! They had huge fireplaces and real veg and herbs on display. DSC_1737.jpgDSC_1739.jpgDSC_1741.jpgBecause these royals have their priorities straight, they have  a dedicated CHOCOLATE KITCHEN and chocolate room. Fittingly, we did have a cup of delicious hot cho to warm up from the chilly January day (turns out old palaces are a bit drafty). img_7432I also found a door that was made perfectly for me: img_7447DSC_1759.jpgDSC_1774.jpgDSC_1784.jpgDSC_1765.jpgDSC_1806.jpgDSC_1857.jpgDSC_1868.jpg

DSC_1873.jpgThere is a “haunted” gallery in the palace. This is apparently where Catherine Howard (one of Henry VIII’s wives) was dragged out of the palace after accusations of “entertaining” other gentlemen came to light.

Apparently most of the faintings that occur on the 60 acre property occur in this gallery.

I chatted with a security guard at the castle, and he has not seen a ghost while working there, but he says his colleagues say they have been tapped on the shoulder and also there are doors that are locked and unlocked when they shouldn’t be.DSC_1874.jpgDSC_1875.jpgDSC_1892.jpgDSC_1906.jpgDSC_1896.jpgDSC_1899.jpgDSC_1904.jpgDSC_1844.jpgDSC_1906.jpgDSC_1914.jpgDSC_1942.jpgDSC_1807.jpgDSC_1810.jpgDSC_1812.jpgDSC_1813.jpgDSC_1815.jpgDSC_1822.jpgDSC_1834.jpgDSC_1711.jpgDSC_1923.jpg

One thought on “Hanging with royal ghosts @ Hampton Court Palace

  1. We read that Henry VIII was Europe’s richest man at one point. He sure knew how to live well.
    Chocolate? Wow! Did you feel any “presence” as you walked the stairs?


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