Covering my mistakes with a little less waste: White-out wars

I am a paper planner person. I am incredibly persnickety and particular about the planners I use, and I like neurotically like to make them look pretty when I use them. Thus, I have a slight dependence on correction tape for when I inevitably need to re-arrange plans and reschedule meetings. I had not given my white-out tape much thought until I ran out this morning and went to look at my low-waste options to replace it. The offending object:


With a little googling, I found that while refillable ones exist, the innards of a dispenser still have a lot of plastic mechanisms and so you reduce only a minimal amount by re-using the external casing. For example:


Problematically, I also couldn’t seem to buy refills in quantities below 15. As I may use one a year, this would mean I would be dragging around the innards of correction tape dispensers for the next decade or so.

Surely I am not the only zero-waster who makes mistakes that they want to prettily ignore! I finally found this product – Kores Wooden Roll On.

[Update 2022: It is currently not listed on the Kores site, so it is possible that this product is no longer available. If you find a biodegradable option, send me a message].

wooden_rollon_main.pngIt is made from 100% liquid wood (?!), which is totally biodegradable and even the packaging is 100% recycled. They do advertise that it contains a “longer tape for less waste” so I am optimistic that I may have found my new correction tape so I can continue to white-out my mistakes without ruining the environment. In the UK, I was able to find it on Amazon!  Huzzah! (It is possible I am procrastinating from doing all of the work I have written in my planner by researching correction tape, but I am rationalizing it so hard!).

5 thoughts on “Covering my mistakes with a little less waste: White-out wars

  1. I am glad you found it helpful! It can be such a struggle to find less wasteful alternatives for staple items, so once you find a good one, it is nice to shout about it to others who are in the same boat!


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