Just the tip & farewell!: Portugal

For our final night in the van, we found a great surf beach and joined the other hobbos, van dwellers, and assorted ruffian in a large parking lot beside a beautiful beach. There was a little bar which had perfect views of the setting sun over the ocean. We were more than happy to linger … More Just the tip & farewell!: Portugal

Benagil caves

On my ride east along the coast, I was smitten with the beautiful rock cliffs and sandy beaches of the Algarve. So, when I was joined by my fabulous friend/cousin/travel companion, it seemed necessaray that we spend a day savouring these vistas. Not only can you take scenic walks along the cliffs, you can also go … More Benagil caves

I’ll See Your Troll and Raise You One Notable Woman Scientist

Originally posted on Longreads:
At Backchannel, Andrew McMillen writes on how one young Wikipedia admin fights back at trolls by raising the profile of notable women in science, one new Wikipedia page at a time. She’d been receiving vicious emails for a decade. Sometimes she sought solace by commiserating with friends, or by stomping off…

Clothes worth loving

Since deciding to strive to be more intentional with my resources, committing to minimizing my consumption and choosing to support companies committed to sustainable and ethical production, I have noticed a big shift in my shopping habits. I can no longer waltz into Forever 21 and grab an assortment of t-shirts and so I have … More Clothes worth loving

Scenic views of the English countryside: Ivinghoe Beacon

Getting out of London on the weekend is some kind of magic for my soul. Even though I live in a wonderful neighbourhood and have lots of green space available to me, the constancy, the frenetic energy, the density of people still wear on me and I crave some silence and stillness that abound in … More Scenic views of the English countryside: Ivinghoe Beacon

Xmas in an anchor graveyard? Yes please (Praia do Barril)

One of the best things about travel is the surprises you find along the way. Andrea and I woke up on Christmas morning with a vague plan of heading east to Tavira. But, as we went along, we stopped in a charming beach community (partly because there was ample parking that did not require any … More Xmas in an anchor graveyard? Yes please (Praia do Barril)