A very small piece of Faro

Even though I [technically] spent 4 nights in the Faro area, I didn’t do a comprehensive tour of the city to share with you. Instead, I will share a very small sliver of Faro.

I stayed in a wonderful hostel (1878 Hostel) where I arrived on my bike. I showered (!!), washed my clothes (for free!), and made a bunch of rad friends. There were great outdoor spaces, including a lovely patio and a rooftop space. IMG_6902.jpgThere were a few musicians in the group, so we had a riot jamming on the grand piano, on my little uke, and a guitar, belting out some great tunes.  IMG_6892.jpgLater, we hit the town, finding a hole-in-the-wall down a side alley that sold 70 cent beer.IMG_6905.jpgI got a great gift for Xmas eve – the arrival of my wonderful cuz! We immediately found a stretch of Faro beach, a bottle of Portuguese red, and some sunshine. IMG_6920.jpgIMG_6908.jpgIMG_6937.jpgIMG_0365.jpgIMG_6915.jpgIMG_6918.jpgIMG_6921.jpgAll in all, not a bad way to spend some time! ❤


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