Xmas in an anchor graveyard? Yes please (Praia do Barril)

One of the best things about travel is the surprises you find along the way. Andrea and I woke up on Christmas morning with a vague plan of heading east to Tavira. But, as we went along, we stopped in a charming beach community (partly because there was ample parking that did not require any parallel parking skills, as I was still getting used to the size of the van). The sun was shining and there was a beautiful boardwalk toward a bridge, so we decided to wander down the path. IMG_0393-2.jpgAfter a 15 min walk through bird-filled forest, the path opened up to a strange and beautiful beach oasis. Quaint, pastel buildings covered in charming vines. DSC_1125.jpg Before you get to Praia do Barril (the beach) you cross an anchor graveyard. These are the remaining bits of what was a thriving tuna fishing industry. DSC_1130.jpgDSC_1136.jpgDSC_1146.jpgThe sand was so beautifully soft and fine. We happily meandered down the beautiful shore as the wind whipped our hair and the waves. It was bliss.DSC_1140.jpgIMG_8197.jpg

2 thoughts on “Xmas in an anchor graveyard? Yes please (Praia do Barril)

  1. Hello Lovely Outliers. I love your posts about Tavira. I recently visited but didn’t make it to the anchor graveyard. I would love to use one of your anchot photos linked back to you of course. Let me know what you think?


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