I’ll See Your Troll and Raise You One Notable Woman Scientist


This is the EPITOME of a #ladycrushingit. Several years ago, I learned a little bit more html code so I could contribute to wikipedia more comfortably after reading about how few women are active contributors of content to wikipedia (estimates range from 8-16%). This response to trolls goes above and beyond – using the hatred to fuel propelling the profile of women. Hero.

More details of her “WikiProject – Women scientists” can be found here.


At Backchannel, Andrew McMillen writes on how one young Wikipedia admin fights back at trolls by raising the profile of notable women in science, one new Wikipedia page at a time.

She’d been receiving vicious emails for a decade. Sometimes she sought solace by commiserating with friends, or by stomping off to do something else, or occasionally — after the cruelest messages—by lying on her bed and crying. Temple-Wood became a frequent target of abuse merely because she is the rare female Wikipedia editor who has been active on the site for years. She manages to let much of the harassment slide off her. But many women eventually find the bullying to be too much, and leave the site.

…Temple-Wood had an idea. For every harassing email, death threat, or request for nude photos that she received, she resolved to create a Wikipedia biography on a notable woman scientist who…

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One thought on “I’ll See Your Troll and Raise You One Notable Woman Scientist

  1. What a fantastic way to counter the trolls and channel the frustration. I might have to do a little wiki searching.


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