Benagil caves

On my ride east along the coast, I was smitten with the beautiful rock cliffs and sandy beaches of the Algarve. So, when I was joined by my fabulous friend/cousin/travel companion, it seemed necessaray that we spend a day savouring these vistas. DSC_1192.jpgDSC_1200.jpgIMG_0469.jpgNot only can you take scenic walks along the cliffs, you can also go in speed boats into the extensive system of caves, created by the centuries of ocean kissing the shore.

The ocean happened to be REALLY spectacularly windy that day – so much so that the boats were unable to leave from the first town we stopped at, but the company was still running boats from another location which had the benefit of a sheltered harbour.

I was, of course, SUPER KEEN!! IMG_0477.jpgAndrea, with her fear of small spaces, boats, and an assortment of other things, was slightly less enthused but is a major champ for letting me drag her along for the adventure.

I think it turned out to be a bit rougher than she had anticipated. We also were blessed with a total daredevil guide, which delighted my adrenaline junkie soul, but caused some hand cramps for my dear friend white knuckling the rails of the boat. DSC_1319.jpgThese pictures can’t convey what it was like to be hanging out with the ocean – to be zooming over the meters high waves, to feel the salt water splash your face, or to feel the shocking cold as a wave crashes over the side of the boat to completely drench your jeans. The pictures also can’t show the amazement and joy that I felt in seeing these spectacular bits of natural beauty. It was exhillerating and amazing. And very cold. But so worth it.

While the rough seas and the excessive number of “donuts” our guide pulled in the zippy motorboat, made it challenging to take photos, I  still managed to get a couple (hundred) which I will share with you now!DSC_1258.jpgDSC_1304.jpgDSC_1311.jpgDSC_1351.jpgDSC_1365.jpgDSC_1369.jpgDSC_1382.jpgDSC_1401.jpgDSC_1416.jpgDSC_1435.jpgDSC_1447.jpgDSC_1444.jpgDSC_1460.jpgDSC_1465.jpgDSC_1496.jpgDSC_1501.jpgDSC_1506.jpgDSC_1528.jpg

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