Just the tip & farewell!: Portugal

For our final night in the van, we found a great surf beach and joined the other hobbos, van dwellers, and assorted ruffian in a large parking lot beside a beautiful beach. There was a little bar which had perfect views of the setting sun over the ocean. We were more than happy to linger for the evening and soak in the salty air and relaxed vibe.

DSC_1691.jpgThe next morning, we had one more stop before returning to Lisbon – Cabo da Roca, the western-most point of Europe! We cruised south along the coast before arriving at the little sliver of land that reaches into the Atlantic. Andrea and I stood at the edge, the bit of mainland Europe closest to home, waving across the waters at the very distant Canada. IMG_7152.jpgDSC_1696.jpgIMG_7151.jpgDSC_1697.jpgDSC_1700.jpgIMG_7138.jpgWe had a few more weaving roads to navigate before saying a bittersweet goodbye to our marvelous orange beaut which was home on wheels for the week. IMG_7155.jpgPortugal was an absolute treat and even now, sitting at my desk in London, the thought of Portuguese sunshine, wine, and this trip brings a warm smile to my face.

4 thoughts on “Just the tip & farewell!: Portugal

  1. My heart is in this land , because of my parents and relatives that still live there. Thanks for sharing those special moments with us. I found your blog and I liked very much.
    It was a pleasure to have you with us in South America, Brazil. You are a very special person. As long as I can see, you know how to balance life.

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