Stendörren Naturreservat

DSC_4827.jpgStendörren nature reserve has been tantalizingly out of reach all summer – just a little bit beyond my cycling range and difficult to get to using public transportation. So when I was zipping around southern Sweden in my flashy red car, I couldn’t resist a quick stop in Stendörren.

I took the narrow gravel road off the 219, and parked my car. Within seconds, I was surrounded by trees, craggy rocks, and spectacular shores. DSC_4838.jpgI was not the only person enjoying the Swedish summer and I shared the space with plenty of kayakers, fishermen/women, sailors, and hikers.  DSC_4842.jpgDSC_4845.jpgDSC_4834.jpgDSC_4851.jpgDSC_4832.jpgDSC_4848.jpgDSC_4846.jpgLocated on one edge of the nature reserve is the Nynäs Slott (castle/manor house). This simple little country house (ha) was built in the 17th century and is a well-preserved example of what the Swedish aristocracy would enjoy escaping the stresses of their life (like their other castles etc). This house is open to the public, but I didn’t take the time to go on a full tour. DSC_4870.jpgDSC_4867.jpgI was on a tight schedule – having to make it another 100km to return my rental on time, but I am so glad I was able to take a few minutes in this beautiful nature sanctuary. In many ways, this nature sanctuary made me feel like I was in some of my favourite Canadian wilderness camping spots – so it made me feel at home whilst making me a little bit homesick. My short jaunt into the Stendörren woods merely whetted my appetite for more time along in nature along the Baltic coast. Hopefully, I can go back soon and do it up right – perhaps use one of the BBQs available to have a summer picnic, do some paddling, and just spend large spaces of time soaking in the fresh air. Who wants to join me?!


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