Knitivisea for the underwater festive season

Well, the weather outside may be frightful, but knitting is so delightful!

Over the last few weeks, I have embarked on a crafting adventure to ring in the holiday season.

Building on my new-found obsession for the underwater world (via diving and Blue Planet II), I set about knitting a underwater nativity scene, or a knitivisea! So without further ado, a slightly adapted Christmas story:

While penguins watched their seals by night, all seated on the ground…DSC_6316.jpgDSC_6319.jpg

A jellyfish of the Lord appeared, and glory shone around!

DSC_6402DSC_6400After chilling with the heavenly host, the penguins hurried into Bethlehem to find the tiny baby Jesus roe with attentive clownfish Mary and Joe. DSC_6332DSC_6328Seeing a new desk lamp in the sky, three wise whales from the east followed the light to the place where the roe lay, bringing gifts of copepods, isopods and zooplankton.DSC_6375DSC_6382

And there was much frolicking and general happiness all around!

The end.

DSC_6354DSC_6395.jpgSpecial shout out to my long-suffering flatmates who have been putting up with stray bits of yarn wandering about the flat. ❤

In case you are looking for other nativity options, I thought I would share one of my previous masterpieces: Dinomas nativity scene from 2015. 1465311_10100670910427731_1279897532_npterodactyls1479488_10100670910447691_112833559_n.jpg1450750_10100670910522541_1330898548_n.jpg1468547_10100670910487611_1165751354_nMerry Christmas everyone!!


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