Favourite things: Thai temple edition

On my trip to Bangkok, I visited so many temples, and they were all amazing, but there was one in particular that was totally stunning.

Wat Pho, or the Temple of Reclining Buddha, is an absolute must visit if you are in Bangkok. It is one of the oldest (built in the 16th century but expanded over the subsequent 300 years) and largest temple complexes in the city and features a 46 meter long gold Buddha. It is massive! The building it is in seems hardly big enough to contain the enormous sculpture. DSC_5203DSC_5215DSC_5217Along the backside of the statue, there is a long row of bronze bowls. Visitors can drop purchase a bag of coins and drop coins into the 108 bowls, representing the auspicious characters of Buddha. This is believed to bring good fortune to visitors (and practically, the money helps the monks maintain the temple).

Outside this structure, there is 8 hectares of other cool stuff – more buildings, sculptures, waterfalls, foliage. DSC_5301DSC_5274DSC_5248DSC_5177DSC_5194DSC_5191The temple complex also contains 91 chedis, which contain the ashes of the royal family, religious leaders, and relics of Buddha.DSC_5276DSC_5282DSC_5302DSC_5270DSC_5176 You need to pay 100 Baht to enter Wat Pho. A strange but welcome perk to the entrance fee is a free bottle of water. Just like all the temples, you are required to remove your shoes prior to entering the various temples. At Wat Pho, you are provided with a bag to store your shoes outside of the door. “Modest” dress is also required and is respectful of this significant site. DSC_5295DSC_5237

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