2017 counted

From a global, socio-political perspective, 2017 was a pretty shocking year. This rocky turmoil reverberated through the lives of many people I know, including myself. 2017 had its share of struggle-fests and full-pint-of-ice-cream nights. As I look back on the year, it would be easy to get stuck on what didn’t happen, the heartaches, the disappointments, and the frustrations. But in so many ways, 2017 was an astonishing and amazing year for me.

2017 counted in a million different ways.

Here are a few of the numbers of what made my year amazing:000

This was an iconic year. I got to welcome spring THREE times – first in the UK in February-March, then in Sweden in April-May, and finally in Australia in October.

I ate perogies in Poland, s’mored in Sweden, ran very long distances, danced around midsummer poles, birthdayed in Budapest, traversed the length of the UK by bike with my sister, cuddled a koala, learned to dive, shared my year on the Tough Girl Podcast, pranced in the best parade of all time, tuktuked and tasted Thailand, drank wine in Australia, sat on Malaysian beaches, and swayed in a Guatemalan hammock. I got to share these moments with some of the best people on the planet. It truly was a spectacular year.

Thanks to everyone who danced, dove, cried, walked, ate, drank, and talked with me this year. You really made it special.

Bonus: If you want just another way to measure time, you could always measure it in hats!


2 thoughts on “2017 counted

  1. i love that goats made it onto your word list of this year! Thank you for all the 2017 moments, ice-cream and TV and all other and I am looking forward to many more ❤

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