Tough Girl podcast: Final episode!


Hi friends!

Most of you know that I have been participating in the 7 women – 7 challenges 2017 for the Tough Girl podcast. Over the last 12 months, Sarah has interviewed me (and 6 other rad ladies) as we prepared to take on new adventures and followed us all year to see how we are progressing towards our goals.

It was an amazing experience to get to chat with Sarah and reflect on the difficulties, excitement, and thoughts on 2017, and I am excited to share this final episode with you.

You can listen to this (and all other interviews) on the Tough Girl Challenges site: (—Show-notes-7-Women—7-Challenges-2017—Reflections)

Thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged me this year. I am so excited to see what 2018 has in store!



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