A bit of Brisbane by boat!

As mentioned in my previous post, most of my memories of Brisbane are consumed in my koala cuddle. However, I  did see a bit more of the city as I wandered a little – by foot and by boat. IMG_4707IMG_5034.jpgI discovered that the City of Brisbane has free ferries that troll up and down the river (this is in addition to a system of ferries for which you pay the public transit fares, so just make sure you are getting on the free one). So as magic hour started to wrap Brisbane up in it’s honeyed embrace, I settled in for the ride.DSC_5788DSC_5796DSC_5798DSC_5809DSC_5827DSC_5840One of the final delights the city had to offer was these CHARGE BIKES at the airport! You could plug your electronics in and go for a ride while waiting for your flight. I worked up a sweat as I waited and it was such fun! Highly recommend!IMG_5041IMG_5044

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