Singapore by day

I landed in Singapore on a steamy hot day in late-October. I (unfortunately) didn’t take full advantage of the legendary airport, but I was excited to see what this city had to offer.

It was immediately obvious that Singapore was an interesting mix of cultures – Asian with a distinctly European feel, reflecting a long history of colonialism (the British electrical plugs hinting at the long history of British rule). Singapore is also possibly the most modern city I have visited, and the only city whose subway system is SO clean that the signs to not sit on the floor are necessary). Here is a smattering of things I saw on my wander).DSC_5899DSC_5853DSC_5855DSC_5904DSC_5905DSC_5955One of the pedestrian tunnels was completely covered with trippy and colourful murals, which reminded me a lot of the recent Broad City animated episode!

Image result for broad city episode mushroom episdoe animated gif
Broad City – S04 Ep04

DSC_5906IMG_5083DSC_5932DSC_5954IMG_5076IMG_5078DSC_5971The famous double-helix DNA bridge. IMG_5128Thankfully, the incredible food was not just a feature of Bangkok. Singapore has more than its share of epicly delicious food. My first stop was this wonderful river-side restaurant for some of the most delicious food ever. DSC_5914DSC_5919DSC_5924Bonus! I have previously discussed my love of Scandi bathroom design. I was also a big fan of the Singapore squat toilets. In many public toilets, you can choose between a standard Western toilet or this style. Just make sure you pay attention to which you choose, or risk misplacing your foot! IMG_5065

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