Plastic-free, zero-waste makeup: 2018 challenge

I have made huge strides in many areas of my life since trying to go zero-waste and plastic free – like my zero waste swaps in the bathroom and successes in the kitchen.

My 2018 goal is to work through my existing beauty products, which are heavy on the plastic, and by the end of the year have re-vamped makeup routine that is as zero-waste and plastic free as possible. Obviously, it is not zero-waste or economical to toss my current products and get a new batch of products that are more consistent with this philosophy. Here is a small selection of the pit of plastic that currently exists in my makeup bag:IMG_6746.JPGHowever, I am pretty pumped to research zero-waste beauty products and find a new set of products that can totally re-vamp the look of this bag. Hopefully, by the end of the year, my makeup bag will consist of the following eco-friendly swaps:

Picture1 Foundation: I have raved about RMS beauty in my Travel-friendly makeup post, and it is now one of the stars of my zero-waste makeup bag.

I currently use RMS’s uncover-up as my foundation. (I am #11 – A pale shade with a subtle yellow base). It is fab and in a wonderful frosted glass pot with a metal lid.





 Blush: I have two compacts of blush PLUS a highlighter stick to work through, so I am not sure if my current stash will be used up by 2019, but when it is time to upgrade, I will definitely leap at RMS’s Lips2Cheek colour and Luminizer.


Lipstick: I am a lipstick aficionado, as evidenced by my extensive backlog of lipsticks. It is going to be a challenge to get through the lot of them, but I am determined and dedicated. In fact, I have already polished off the first of them earlier this month. I am already pumped to discover new brands, which embrace a zero-waste mindset. A leading contender currently is AxiologyLipstick | Axiology | Credo Beauty

Not only are the tubes classy and beautiful (and made out of recycled aluminum), these lipsticks are made with only 10 ingredients and the dazzling colours are from earth-based pigments. The hardest choice will be which of the divine colours to choose first!?

Another brand I am lusting after is Kjaer Weis’ refillable lipstick, but the gold case of Axiology may already have my heart.


xxx_kjaerweis_mascaracompact_1_1560x1960-q52pa.jpgMascara: Even though I did experiment with DIY mascara, it was not amazing. Not to despair, though. If you aren’t about to charcoal almonds to get lush lashes, there are some great refillable options. The leading contender for my zero-waste swap is  by Kjaer Weis.  This organic mascara is refillable and tres chic.





Brow colour: Bold brows are still dominating, so I know I will be in the market for a brow product that will replace my current plasticy options. I want to do more window-shopping before committing, but here are a few I am considering: elate.JPG

Brow balm from Elate Beauty (Pros: sustainable, vegan, in a refillable bamboo case – and you can order refills!, Cons: it says this colour (Suede) is suitable for blondes and red-heads, but I don’t think it is the colour I am looking for). As this is a Canadian company, I am going to spend some more time perusing the other Elate offerings before I head home, so I can avoid the problems of trying to find a UK stockist.

Lush also has a brow pencil, which I might have a peek at next time I am in the area, as I have a gift card to use up.

Eye shadow: I infrequently use eyeshadow, and very recently, I switched over to a mica-based one (which is in a glass bottle), after realizing that glitter is little plastic chunks that are choking the earth. I will definitely not need to replace this in the foreseeable year, although the aforementioned companies have some good refillable options.

Those are my main makeup products. I will also share a post soon about how I am skewing plastic-free and zero-waste in my skin care routines.

Do you have any fav beauty products that make you look great and tread lightly on the earth? Would love to hear from you!! ❤





5 thoughts on “Plastic-free, zero-waste makeup: 2018 challenge

  1. I am also looking to go plastic-free with my makeup and was looking at most of the products you listed! I’m having a hard time finding an eyeliner and eyebrow pencil with metal lids instead of plastic ones. Refillable containers may be the way to go…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good luck finding suitable replacement products! Keep me posted if you find a good brow pencil! I don’t use much eyeliner, but I have a the Bobby Brown eyeliner pot, which has a glass bottom (but plastic top) that you apply with a brush. Since I so rarely use my eyeliner, it is something I know I won’t have to immediately replace, but I think some of the brands I mentioned have eyeliner options too!


    1. Hi Courtney! I have been using the Lush brow crayon, which they have in shades of rouge, blonde, and brown. It is a crayon with a small paper label. I have stored it in an old mint tin for carrying around in my makeup bag so it doesn’t mark my other products. I like it because it has both colour and a bit of texture and hold, which I prefer over a simple brow pencil. Happy low-waste makeup hunting!! 🙂


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