Annual Canada family tour, 2018

Since moving to London 3 years ago, I have been flying back home once a year to see all my favourite and best family people (and to drink ice caps). IMG_8715.JPG This year was particularly wonderful, as I got to spend time in Brownsville with mom, dad, li’l sis Al, grandma, and the Callie puppy. Rollerskating with the fam.IMG_8879.JPGAquabiking with Al.IMG_8818.JPGIMG_8807.JPGBrunching with Grandma and her squad. IMG_8734.JPGAnd tearing up the organ with some old hymns. IMG_8805.JPGAnd watching spring arrive in Ontario.DSC_8458DSC_8602DSC_8653DSC_8657 I then headed up to Owen Sound to see my favourite small humans – Claire & Carter, and the other sibs (Karen, Jason & Bren). IMG_8908.JPGWe planted trees, found some worms, monkeyed around on the swing set, jumped for entire days on the trampoline, and generally had a grand time.DSC_8664DSC_8673IMG_8995DSC_8676DSC_8693DSC_8704DSC_8714DSC_8715IMG_8918.JPGIMG_8911.JPGIMG_8937.JPGClaire got to show me her sweet two-wheeling cycling skills! IMG_8994And Carter put on a delightful show while at lacrosse practice. IMG_9117.jpgIMG_9118.jpgI even got to steal a few moments with ma bestie, being tourists in the cherry blossoms. IMG_9156.JPGThanks for the magical visit. I can’t wait to see y’all soon! xoxo

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