A moment of perfection in Bruce Peninsula National Park

In addition to getting to hang with all my family members, I was also able to spend some magical moments in the pristine Canadian wilderness. Karen had taken the week off work, and the weather could not be more perfect. We packed up her car and headed to  Bruce Peninsula National Park for some hiking and lake-side sitting.DSC_8724Always wandering, but often not lost (occasionally very lost). IMG_9044.JPGThe spring melt meant that many of the trails were SUPER flooded. DSC_8735But the hike was more than worth it, as this place is a bonafide tropical paradise! Breathtakingly so. DSC_8750DSC_8770DSC_8761DSC_8764But the amount of snow clinging to the shoreline indicates that the water is certainly fresh. Like the sort of fresh that hurts your hands when you need to fetch a bit of water. Breathtakingly fresh. DSC_8774DSC_8788DSC_8758An important member of our crew was Heidi the adventure pup. Heidi is an expert hiker puppy. She even has a tiny backpack where she carries her bowl and food. She has her own little sleeping mat and sleeping bag.DSC_8742DSC_8808DSC_8838DSC_8840DSC_8849DSC_8788DSC_8868DSC_8870We had reserved one of the backcountry sites. It is a really easy backcountry experience. Rather than searching for a flat-ish spot and scraping the branches and rocks away, you pitch your tent on the 12×12 wooden platform. They even have a composting toilet and a bear hang for food storage for the small cluster of sites to use. DSC_8864In standard sister-camping style, we forgot something important (most notably and hilariously, the time we arrived at our paddle-in site with 1 canoe and 0 paddles. We did some marvellous improv to paddle our way to our temporary home). This time it was all cutlery. Thankfully we are whizzes at whittling! DSC_8891DSC_8898The only thing we needed to do was to enjoy the endless views and watch as the sun slowly set, painting the sky and lake in beautiful pastels. DSC_8941DSC_8947DSC_8977DSC_8985Moment when peak Canadian-ness was achieved. Suitable blood concentration of Tim Horton’s & maple products, sporting enough Roots attire and MEC products, and enjoying the wilderness. IMG_9028.JPGDSC_9010DSC_9013DSC_9023 (1)DSC_9031How amazing is this place!? ❤

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