5 tiny travel luxuries for a lovely flight

As people are apt to remind me, I have been travelling a lot lately! I have been really enjoying my travels – these flights have allowed me to visit home, explore new places, or (in the case of my current reason for being on a plane), learn new stats things.

I have been enjoying a particularly lovely flight (a BA flight from London City Airport), feeling extra classy, that I thought I would share my top 5 airport and in-flight luxuries.


  1. Lululemon align pants – Early days of air travel was characterized by glamorous and deeply uncomfortable outfits, but as the decades have passed, we have moved far from that origin, looking for maximum comfort for our time spent above the clouds. If you are looking for the optimal pants, look no further than the Align pants. The fabric is buttery soft and so stretchy, so when the air trapped in your gastrointestinal system expands the 25% that it is apt to do in flight creating that familiar flight bloat (1), you will not feel as uncomfortable as your abdomen expands to accomodate the additional volume (2). And when you are doing the awkward lunges and stretches on your way to the airplane washroom, you can be assured these will stretch in every possible direction.
  2. Spotify premium’s offline playlists This is a monthly indulgence, but I love my Spotify premium membership (and they do offer 50% off to students). With Spotify premium, you are able to download playlists and albums for the optimal inflight music.
  3. Bose Soundlink headphones – I am a huge fan of audiobooks for travel. You can keep “reading” as you wait in various lines. The thing that I found infinitely luxurious about these is the bluetooth capacity, so I can have my phone tucked away in my bag, keeping my hands free and unencumbered as I take my bag on and off, fumble for my boarding pass, or juggle snacks.
  4. Lux shea & coconut lotion – This is the least expensive item on my luxury list. I have started making a lotion which whips shea butter with coconut oil. I love doing a good skin care self-love routine while travelling. I always show up to an airport with makeup-free skin, so I can test the expensive serums in the duty free shops, applying a protective layer on my skin before taking to the skies. While in flight, I slather on a layer of my coco-shea on my face, hands, and neck. I love to pay particular attention to my cuticles while flying, since when else do you have time to do a good cuticle repair than when sitting uninterrupted for a few hours? I am currently also loving the Trilogy Everything Balm for this.
  5. Burts Bees lip balm – The fresh mint makes me feel refreshed and protected against the dry cabin air. If you are feeling congested, you can rub a little near your nostrils to help you breathe a little bit easier. (Added bonus – this slim tin is a lovely plastic-free option, 100% natural lip balm option).

Do you have any luxurious flight hacks that keep you glowing and happy as you take to the friendly skies?


1. How gross/weird is this factoid!? While usually just an uncomfortable/embarrassing phenomenon, this has literally brought down a plane for an emergency landing because a passenger’s flatulence was so potent.

2. I realized I spent the first paragraph of a post on travel luxuries discussing farts. It is just so hard to be a classy lady!

3 thoughts on “5 tiny travel luxuries for a lovely flight

  1. Those headphones are the best! Bought mine just over a year ago and they’re still going strong – not sure I could be without them when travelling now, but I also use them daily to block out the noise of the open plan office my desk is based in.
    Another thing that’s great for cuticles (and travel) is the Badger Balm Cuticle Care tin too – so, so good!


    1. I also use them all the time at the office! We also have an open office, so having visible headphones is essential! Love a good cuticle care tip! I have been loving my Trilogy Everything Balm as a cuticle balm, but will definitely check out Badger when I am done this tin!

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