Paddling the mighty Saugeen

The last full day of my Canadian tour 2018 was beautifully sunny and we strapped the canoe on Karen’s car and headed out to paddle the mighty Saugeen river. IMG_9070Image result for check mark symbolAdventure hats

Image result for check mark symbol PFDs (#safetyfirst)

Image result for check mark symbolSnacks

Adventure pup Heidi was not invited for this particular adventure, as while she excels at hiking, she is sometimes a less helpful paddler. IMG_9107And we were off! The river was moving fast, and we cruised down the river, gliding effortlessly over places that cause lots of anxiety and canoe scratches when the water is a little bit lower. IMG_9072We stopped for lunch at this Huck Fin-inspired lunch spot. IMG_9078We saw a bald eagle in her nest, and watched she flew to a different vantage point. My iphone couldn’t do justice to how majestic this moment was! IMG_9115IMG_9081IMG_9084Since the river was flowing fast, we did not have to work that hard to cover the 25k back to the car.  IMG_9096IMG_9101This is what bliss looks like! I couldn’t have asked for a better visit!

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