Barrels and tiny cottages, Vestmannaeyjar

Another fun thing to do, if you happen to make it to Vestmannaeyjar is to simply wander around looking epic, as demonstrated by Emma! DSC_9490.jpgDSC_9495.jpgAnd then you (/fate) decide that you must stay on this strange little island for the night. And, of course, we stayed in the cutest little place -a collection of barrels and tiny cottages nestled in the cleft of a volcano on the edge of the sea. DSC_9498.jpgDSC_9501.jpgDSC_9497.jpgAnd you can also have a picnic in old-timey, grass-roofed stone houses, which adds even more charm.DSC_9513.jpgDSC_9509.jpgThere is also a golf course on your doorstep, if that is your sort of thing. DSC_9515.jpgYou can check out this quaint little “glamping” spot here. DSC_9536.jpg

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