The smelliest place of all: Krýsuvík, Iceland

In celebration of the final day with Emma as co-pilot, we decided to visit the place where the bowels of the earth expel sulphuric flatulence in visually spectacular ways. Welcome to Krýsuvík! IMG_9434The earth bubbles with hot steam, resulting in the sensory experience of existing inside a hot wet fart. It is really undeniable. IMG_9430But still quite pretty! With black volcanic rock and colourful red hills cratling the bubbling pits of boiling mud. So while some other tourists fled from the putrid stench, we had a little wander, because, damn, it is still super pretty in a surreal and weird sort of way.  IMG_9437IMG_9449IMG_9447IMG_9436From the giant swig of apple cider vinegar that kicked our trip off, the blue lagoon experience, the epic island ferry saga, PUFFINS (x2), and to smelling the worst of the world, I loved this incredible Icelandic adventure with the Emma. It seemed even the grassy patch on the side of the road as I drove her back to the airport reflected our love.IMG_9452IMG_9424IMG_9421But wait! It’s not time to head home yet! My Icelandic adventure continues! There is a little Reykjavik wandering, some cold water, some hot water, and a very long drive to come! Can you believe?! Image result for can you believe gif queer eye



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