Diving the crack: Silfra fissure, Iceland

There is a crack between the American and Eurasian continental plates, which happens to pass through Iceland about 2 hours outside of Reykjavik.IMG_9485.jpgThe fun news is that you can dive there, in the crystal clear waters!IMG_9506.jpgAs soon as I had decided to go to Iceland, I knew I wanted to dive here. In preparation, I took my dry suit certification in London so I would be ready to jump into this spectacular slice of blue heaven.IMG_9520.jpg I booked with dive.is, who picked me up at my hostel and drove me and two other divers out to Thingvellir National Park. IMG_9535.jpgIMG_9502.jpgDriving up to the dive site, you are driving on no-mans land, between the continents, until you reach Thingvallavatn Lake and the famous Silfra Fissure.IMG_9501.jpgIMG_9503.jpg50 km away, there is a glacier (Lanjokull), whose melting water filters through the 50k of volcanic rock, filtering out all impurities, so by the time the water sees sunlight at the end of this long journey, it is the purest of pure. In fact, while we were in the water, we could take a sip and it was indeed perfectly delicious.DSC_9881.jpgIMG_9516.jpgAfter the safety briefing, wriggling into our dry suits, we gracelessly waddled to the dive site. IMG_9617.jpgSo svelte. IMG_9524.jpgIMG_9526.jpgIMG_9521.jpgStepping off the metal platform, we stepped into 2°C water, which flooded under the neoprene gloves and hood in a bracingly brisk moment.

After a quick weight check, we descended into another world – a world of crystal blue water, black and red craggy volcanic rock, and magical rays of sunlight filtering through the water in the most mesmerizing fashion. IMG_0081IMG_0089And, of course, for the iconic and necessary “tourist” shot of me touching both of the tectonic plates. Because #divingsilfra. IMG_0053.jpgYou end the dive in a calm lagoon, where you can swim around and explore a bit more (and get some of the coolest diving shots I have!)IMG_0032IMG_0134We did two dives, with a hot chocolate break in between. The first dive was pretty magical – we were the first group in the water, and had the morning sun filtering through the pristine waters. The second dive was pretty cool, because when you looked up, you could see the snorklers overhead:IMG_0109IMG_0097Even though our dives were quite short and we were kitted out in dry suits, I was getting chilled by the end of the second dive, so had to get out of the water after just a short poodle about in the lagoon. I waited on land, will enough air in my dry suit to emulate the Michelin man, and watched the birds fly over the lake as the other divers finished exploring. IMG_0115I had an amazing time with dive.is and this was an unforgettable experience. IMG_9518.jpg

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