Hot pots on the ocean: Drangsnes, Iceland

With a few days left and a rental car, I decided to head out of Reykjavik towards the remote Westfjord region in the north-west corner of the island. The Westfjords are sparsely populated with limited options for accommodations, so I decided to spend head to Drangsnes. I booked in at an Airbnb, which was literally a garden shed with a bed – almost comically basic, but adequate for my short stay.  DSC_0036.jpgThankfully, it was located about 50 meters from community toilets and showers, so I didn’t need to resort to any deeply unladylike behaviours.

The reason for the community showers was the best – free hot pots located on the edge of the sea. Sitting in these fabulous, naturally heated hot tubs was my plans for the rest of the evening. According to a friendly local chap, at times you can spot whales from the shore. IMG_9585.jpgIMG_9600.jpgIMG_9590.jpgIMG_9616.jpgIMG_9596.jpgIn a very expensive country, finding this gem of relaxation in was exactly what my soul (and bank account) needed.

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