Every season and all the weather on an endless and beautiful drive: Westfjords

After my evening soaking in the Drangsnes hot pots, I jumped into my rental car to take on an epic road trip through the Westfjords! IMG_9668.jpgThe entire time in Iceland, we experienced the constantly changing weather, but never had it been to this extreme. There were big blue skies, fluffy clouds, snow storms, hail, thick fog, dramatic stormy skies, and pelting rain, separated by mere moments and a few miles. The road varied from beautifully smooth car commercial pavement to narrow gravel roads clinging to the side of a mountain. There were long, curved bridges and endless tunnels under the mountains.

In my enthusiasm to explore this region, I had underestimated the time required to drive these winding roads. I spent more than 12 hours straight driving, during which I listened to an entire audiobook, belted along to Spotify playlists, and chatted on the phone for hours (hands free of course, because #SafetyFirst).

Every single corner revealed the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen. When it wouldn’t risk my life, I would pull over to take pictures of the extraordinary landscapes. Basically the rest of this post is all the pretty pictures from this beautiful drive.  DSC_0123.jpgOn the route north, you can stop by Grábrók, volcanic craters that you can walk around.  IMG_9572.jpgDSC_0155.jpgDSC_0149.jpgIMG_9634.jpgDSC_0141.jpgDSC_0106.jpgDSC_0082.jpgDSC_0068.jpgDSC_0054.jpgIMG_9560.jpgDSC_0002.jpgDSC_0014.jpgDSC_0019.jpgDSC_0024.jpgIMG_9570.jpgDSC_0030.jpgDSC_0035.jpgDSC_0045.jpgDSC_0048.jpgDSC_0049.jpgDSC_0051.jpgDSC_0057.jpgDSC_0066.jpgDSC_0075.jpgDSC_0077.jpgDSC_0078.jpgDSC_0087.jpgDSC_0105.jpgDSC_0108.jpgSEALS!!!

There was a road sign that looked like it was warning of slugs ahead, and as I drove 500 meters further, I saw the giant sea slugs luxuriating on some rocks. It was amazing! DSC_0114.jpgDSC_0115.jpgDSC_0131.jpgIMG_9626.jpgDSC_0140.jpgDSC_0162.jpgDSC_0163.jpgDSC_0166.jpgIMG_9646.jpgDSC_0167.jpgDSC_0172.jpgDSC_0170.jpgDSC_0192.jpgDSC_0196.jpgDSC_0203.jpgDSC_0220.jpgDSC_0226.jpgDSC_0232.jpgDSC_0245.jpgDSC_0247.jpgDSC_0251.jpgDSC_0259.jpgDSC_0273.jpgDSC_0282.jpgThis little car was the perfect rental for my adventure, although it was fully coated with a layer of black dust by the time I rolled back into the the rental lot at the airport. DSC_0209.jpgReally bizarre travelling tip: In Iceland, many of the gas stations are automatic and unmanned, where you just pop in your card and fill up. However, after unsuccessfully attempting to use my Canadian credit card at a gas station, it was blocked by the bank. When chatting to the bank later, I learned that this happens all the time when Canadians travel in Iceland. Thankfully, I was able to be rescued by a swift bank transfer from my flatmate to my UK account so I would not be stranded in the remote Westfjords.

I really strongly recommend this trip, but would suggest splitting the epic drive over a couple days. This marathon of a drive was one of the most spectacular ones of my life, but I didn’t have a chance to fully savour the remote beauty, as I needed to make it back to Reykjavik that night. I exhaustedly collapsed into my hostel bed for a few hours before heading to the airport to return the car and to head home.

Iceland was other-worldly and starkly beautiful and I will jump on any opportunity to spend more time in this extraordinary place. xoxDSC_0265.jpg

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