A very pretty beach and an aggressively pink palace: Agios Gordios, Corfu

I have gotten so so far behind on sharing pics from my latest travels, because of a pesky little dissertation thing.

Sometimes you have to PhD from a Greek island.IMG_7696

But, as I sit on my couch, sipping some freshly-brewed kombucha and homemade nanaimo bars, I figured I would mentally visit a little island in Greece, where Brhm and I spend a magical week (and ridiculous) week. Our first stop was Agios Gordios, a stunning beach carved out of green mountains. We took a winding coach ride from the airport, and arrived late at night to the most pink I have ever seen in my life.

An aggressive assault on the cornea.

Although, we did wake up to this view, which was pretty fab. IMG_7682.jpgWe walked down to the beach, where we were greeted by a spectacular beach – crystal blue waters, fabulous craggy black rocks, and soft sand. DSC_7322.jpgDSC_7330.jpgIMG_7699.jpgIMG_7730.jpgMarch/April is still the low season, so most places were closed in the small town, but still found some very cute corners to explore. DSC_7370.jpgDSC_7394.jpgDSC_7293.jpgBrhm was feeling a little bit under the weather (which is a major understatement – she was a total trooper the entire trip, despite the flu followed by pneumonia), so I did quite a bit of solo wandering, and got to marvel at these views: DSC_7397.jpgDSC_7408.jpgDSC_7398.jpgDSC_7396.jpgDSC_7410.jpgThis does look spectacularly brilliant, and it was, but on my next trip to Corfu, I would not stay at the Pink Palace. Unfortunately, my research about the “Pink Palace” has basically started and ended at the price. Had I read a little deeper, I might have had forewarning that this is a PARTY palace. Additionally, our trip coincided with spring break, which meant on the morning after our arrival, we were descended upon by hundreds of eager spring breakers, ready to drink and dance their days (and nights away). One of the worst moments of the trip was eating dinner in the communal dining hall, utterly bursting with enthusiastic shouting, chatting, and planning for the coming toga party. It would have been exactly what I would have done 10 years ago, but it was very painful to experience in my 30s. A few days stay at the Pink Palace was more than enough. DSC_7290.jpgIMG_7717.jpgDSC_7292.jpgIMG_7706.jpgIMG_7709.jpgDSC_7384.jpg


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