5 cool bits of Corfu town (Kerkyra, Greece)

DSC_8142We found an adorable Airbnb, with a tiny winding staircase up to a top floor bedroom with a view of the sea. After enduring the Pink Party Palace, its quiet and quaint beauty was a welcome change and the perfect home for the rest of the week. DSC_7591.jpgDSC_7592.jpgThe apartment was a great home-base for exploring the town. This is an excellent town for wandering – narrow streets, historic forts, and aging textures that make for a feast for the senses. Corfu still has the idyllic charm that Odysseus enjoyed during his epic journey. DSC_8321.jpgDSC_7598.jpgDSC_8331.jpgDSC_8312.jpgDSC_8328.jpgDSC_8332.jpgDSC_7576.JPGIMG_8207 (1).JPGIMG_8215 (1).JPGIMG_7891.JPGIMG_7895.JPGCorfu is rich with history and it was a major naval power in the middle ages. The island is littered with Medieval castles, and it is the sort of place where you can picture pirates taking over the town and epic battles from the 5th century. Accordingly, the old town has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Old Fortress

There are a few main things to check out when visiting Corfu town. If you visit Corfu, you can not miss the Old Fortress.IMG_8073.jpgIMG_8071.jpgThe earliest fortification on this site is dated at 6th century AD and the fortification has endured Gothic invasions, three major Ottoman sieges from in the 1500s and 1700s. A lightning strike and resulting explosions of ammunition factories destroyed much of the fort in 1718, but it was again rebuilt.IMG_8077 (1).JPGIMG_8078.JPGIMG_8082.JPGIMG_8102.JPGIMG_8097.JPG

Church of St George

Inside the fortress, you can see the stunning Church of St George.IMG_8095.JPGIMG_8090.jpgIMG_8098.JPGIMG_8099.JPGIMG_8100.JPGIn more recent history, the Fortress was used by the Nazi’s to imprison Jews before they were deported to Birkenau.

The Old Fort also features in cinematic history, as the location for James Bond to push Emile Locque off a cliff in “For your eyes only.”IMG_8079.JPG

Slightly less old fortress

There is also a newer fortress, which also makes for a nice place to wander, and from which a great vantage of the city can be glimpsed. IMG_8197.JPGIMG_8188.JPGIMG_8195.JPG

Orthodox Easter

Another timely coincidence was that our trip coincided with the lead up to Orthodox Easter. Apparently, the Ionian Islands celebrate Easter like nobody else. The entire island apparently is packed with music, food, and celebration. Even in the week leading up to Easter, there is a lot of excitement. On Palm Sunday, the streets were filled with a veritable horde of marching bands. If this is just the precursor, I am sure the party would be phenomenal. Definitely, something to check out another year! IMG_7965.JPGIMG_7958.JPGIMG_7972.JPGIMG_7969.JPG

Stunningly delicious food

A delicious surprise was that an amazing restaurant, Salto, was just steps from our apartment. I spent more than one evening sampling locally pressed olive oil and sipping wine. IMG_8110.JPGIMG_8117.JPGIMG_8118.JPGIMG_8124.JPG

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