Canal d’Amour of Sidari, Greece

DSC_7790Any “top tourist tips” for Corfu will include the recommendation to visit the Canal d’Amour on the North-west edge of the island. Since we had rented a car, it was easy to zip up the coast to visit this iconic site. DSC_7755.jpgYears of wind and the relentless Ionian sea have carved out the sandstone to create a truly unique natural masterpiece out of the rocks. DSC_7768.jpg

Not only is the Channel of Love visually stunning, it comes with the ancient legend that any couple that swims the length of the channel will be together forever, while if the channel is shaded and you go for a swim, you will be lucky in love. DSC_7762.jpgThe meet-cute Hollywood version of this legend is that any unmarried girl who swims the Canal d’Amour thinking of her dream man will bump into him on the same holiday (although this version sounds less like something of the ancient gods, and more like something crafted by clever Greek lads who want to charm the pants off visiting tourists). DSC_7759.jpgI could do with some luck in love, so I did splash some of the water onto my hands, just in case a hint of the magic will seep into my being. (Although the last 8 months suggest that perhaps I did not reach adequate saturation to ensure this would indeed come true. That is the only logical explanation, right?). DSC_7744.jpgI may not have braved the March water in order to ensure I find my forever love, but I did get to share this spectacular place with one of my most enduring friends. So maybe, I have been lucky in love after all. DSC_7751.jpgDSC_7738DSC_7764.jpgDSC_7765.jpg

2 thoughts on “Canal d’Amour of Sidari, Greece

    1. Hi Jeff – I am not actually sure. I did not swim the canal, as it was early March and definitely not ideal weather for a swim, but hopefully I will get a chance to explore this area more in the future.


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