5 breathtaking moments in Corfu (and a few bonus pics)

We decided to rent a car and scoot around the island. It was a fabulous decision, because we could check out pretty rocks, olive groves, and idyllic coasts. Here were some of my favourite moments.

1. Cape Drastis

On the north-west corner of the island, you can find a stunning collection of tiny islands, sculpted by the relentless sea. DSC_7894DSC_7902We arrived as the sun started to set, and were able to watch the astonishing colours paint the surreal view. DSC_7914

2. Surprise visual feasts along the road

Just a simple breath-taking view as we drove up a steep switch-back. I don’t even remember where this was, just that it was stunning. IMG_8015IMG_8016

3. Old religious places

There are a few famous monasteries on Corfu – notably Paleokastritsa and Vlacherna Monastery. I seem to have misplaced all of my photos from the former, so you will just have to imagine a scenic old building, perched on the top of a mountain, with all manner of cats roaming around.

Vlacherna Monestary was picturesque in a completely different way. It was built in the 17th century (I think) and is It is stranded on the water, accessible by a narrow pier. IMG_8292IMG_8241IMG_8236 (1)IMG_8235When you tire of walking around the tiny space, you can scramble back up the hill and eat an omlette on the patio of an overlooking the rather pretty scene. IMG_8253IMG_8251IMG_8232

4. Olive groves

We took a marvellous stroll through some olive trees. Not only am I a big fan of olives and olive oil, it turns out that these trees make for pretty beautiful groves for meandering. DSC_7856DSC_7430DSC_7423DSC_7418DSC_7429

5. Fluffy kitties

Then we found a slice of Brhmie paradise. There were several places in Corfu that friendly, fluffy cats roamed. These babes clearly find ample food – likely from the local seafood restaurant where they charm tourists (like me) out of choice cuts of fish.


Thought I would share a few extra pics, completely out of context, just because they are pretty. DSC_7897DSC_7712DSC_7660DSC_7598DSC_7701DSC_7708IMG_8008

This little car was a dream and I am so glad we got to have all sorts of adventures together. DSC_7710Although, maybe next time, my wheels will look a little bit more like this: IMG_8217

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