A sun-drenched autumnal weekend in Paris

Fresh back from a trip with my bag still filled with clothes in need of laundering, I was lazing around the lounge with my flatmates, despairing about the impending season of cold, grey London days that stretched out ahead of us. In short order, I found myself booking Eurostar tickets for an autumnal Parisian escape. DSC_1880.jpgWe took the 5am train, which involved arriving to St Pancras painfully early, but without coffee, I was able to snooze through the chunnel and wake up as we were chugging across the countryside. IMG_3192IMG_3256After sipping coffees and fresh-pressed orange juice, we were off to wander the streets. Over the weekend, we walked thousands of steps through quaint and charming residential neighbourhoods and by some iconic areas (like the Louvre and Palais-Royal). DSC_1885.jpgDSC_1890.jpgDSC_1913.jpgIMG_3265DSC_1888.jpgDSC_1991.jpgDSC_1992.jpgDSC_1997.jpgDSC_2002.jpgDSC_2045.jpgDSC_1901.jpgpicIMG_3240pillarsIMG_3258DSC_2054.jpgDSC_1907.JPGIMG_3262DSC_2083.jpgIMG_3271IMG_3274IMG_3278DSC_2067.jpg2018-11-18 14.13.54DSC_2070.jpgDSC_2080.jpgDSC_2014.jpgIMG_3244DSC_2004.jpgIn addition to the iconic and astonishing architectural gems in the city, Paris is also littered with visual delights around every corner, from elaborate storefronts to bizarre swan chairs. DSC_1892DSC_1923DSC_1924After soaking in so much culture, it is time for… DSC_1969.jpgall the wine.

IMG_3263And the least classy way to enjoy french cheese, but necessary to get sustenance to fuel all the wandering! 2018-11-18 11.37.55Ah Paris. You are so pretty. I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being

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