Paris after dark

So it turns out that Paris can be pretty magical after dark. We were staying at an amazing flat in Montmartre, which had a pretty OK view… DSC_1984Its a pretty cool neighbourhood. Filled with little known places like this:Mul rougeParis has a few delicious tricks up its sleeve as well. Wine. Cheese. Repeat. DSC_1977We happened to hit Notre Dame dusk fell, learned so many facts from a very friendly lady lingering by the cathedral, and stood in the middle of the Paris/ possibly the world. DSC_2109centreDSC_2106photo2On our way to dinner, we stopped by one of my favourite places. ❤DSC_2115IMG_3310IMG_3266Always up for a wander, Emma and I went to the Sarbonne, to bask in maximal academic nerdiness – founded in 1257!DSC_2142DSC_2154DSC_2137We were filled with the intoxicating combination of Paris at night and a bit of wine, so we kept wandering, and found ourselves by this pretty piece of metal and glass. DSC_2181DSC_2195DSC_2182DSC_2200DSC_2211DSC_2198DSC_2184Good job Paris. It was a total delight to sample a weekend full of food, art, and fun!DSC_1950DSC_1956DSC_1952

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