Castle in the rock: Slovenia

It has been yonks since I have shared anything on my blog – I have been a tiny bit busy having grand adventures, finishing my PhD, and starting my post-doc. It means I have a HUGE backlog of amazing travel photos and moments that I have yet to share.

One of the grand adventures of last summer was campervanning through Croatia and Slovenia. After fetching the guys from a punk rock festival, we headed Predjama Castle (Predjamski grand), an extraordinary castle nestled into a cliff face and guarding a large cave and series of secret tunnels. DSC_0941.jpg

This fortress was built in the 13th century, but was re-built last in the 1570s. Due to the natural fortification and connection to secret tunnels, Erazem Lueger and his family was able to hide from the Habsburgs for a year, able to continue to get supplies from the neighbouring town. Apparently, this crafty baron met an unfortunate end – blasted off the toilet by a single cannon shot. An assassination that may have been prevented by a higher fibre diet, perhaps? (or by having more loyal staff who don’t tell your enemies when you are sitting down for a Image result for poop emoji), DSC_0958.jpgDSC_0960.jpgDSC_0971.jpgDSC_0979.jpgDSC_0998.jpgDSC_0999.jpgDSC_1003.jpgDSC_1004.jpgDSC_0968.jpgDSC_1010.jpgDSC_1104.jpgDSC_0947.jpgThe fun doesn’t stop there! When you get tired of touring the opulent and impressive interior of the castle, you can head down to the entrance to the Postojna caves. DSC_0946.jpgDSC_1013.jpgDSC_1037.jpgDSC_1053.jpgDSC_1080.jpgDSC_1100.jpgDSC_1069.jpgThe cool, dark caves are a great place to escape the mid-day heat. You also might spot some rather old graffiti! DSC_1029.jpgThe castle and caves are only an hour south-west of Ljubljana, not far from the Croatian border, and definitely worth a visit!


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