Some pics of São Paulo

I arrived in the stunning São Paulo early in the morning. Very in need of a shower and a nap after the 11.5hr flight, I was not able to check into my hotel, so went out in search of coffee and a working adaptor for my electronics.

I was successful in finding an adorable brunch spot and made a couple friends in the process – a wonderful couple who had been living in the city for the last 25+ years. IMG_0218.jpgWe chatted as we ate, they shared all sorts of tips for what to do while in town and then took me to the market, where they go every Sunday to get fish. CTLW6855They shepherded me around this marvellous market, feeding me samples of fruits of every description, bits of fish, and amazing drinks made with fresh sugar cane.

They dropped me off at Ibirapuera Park where I wandered around the groves of bamboo and expansive trees, an urban paradise.DSC_3498DSC_3560IMG_0079.jpgThat day happened to be the closing day of a the São Paulo International Art Festival, extraordinary exhibition of Latin American art and artists. DSC_3526DSC_3508DSC_3538.jpgDSC_3520.jpgDSC_3529In addition to the festival, the streets of São Paulo are filled with art and colour. DSC_3494DSC_3495DSC_3549IMG_0238.jpgIMG_0231.jpgIMG_0122.jpgIMG_0109.jpgIMG_0097.jpgDSC_3491And also a place filled with delicious treats. IMG_0127.jpgOver the following days, I was mostly busy attending a conference (the International Federation of Psychiatric Epidemiology, to be precise), but did find some time to go vintage shopping, eat delicious food under a very old fig tree, and scoot around town with my friend. EHHQ3653DSC_3490PXWX8174.jpg






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