Ilha Grande diving

Guys, you knew this was coming. In my last post, I raved about the clear waters off Ilha Grande, so obviously the first thing I looked into upon arrival was WHERE TO DIVE!

2019-04-15 09.22.24-1.jpgYou will walk by a few dive shops off the main street in Andra dos Reis, and (to be honest), I picked these Dive & CIA because they were open when I walked past. They also happened to have the friendliest staff working at the shop, so I was happy to book my dive day with them. 2019-04-13 16.38.58.jpgThere are a number of dive sites near Ilha Grande. 2019-04-13 16.38.50.jpgOne lady super excited to get underwater!

2019-04-15 09.32.27 HDR.jpgThe dives were lovely, but the best bit was DEFINITELY seeing 3 seahorses, including 2 heavily pregnant males! 2019-04-15 11.44.27-4.jpgA very happy diver coming up for air!2019-04-15 12.53.13-1.jpgAs you might be able to ascertain from my glowing dive posts and the evidence of my obsession, diving has rapidly become one of my favourite things in the world. Another of my favourite things: sitting around on dive boats relaxing and sipping coke after a great dive. 2019-04-15 13.02.29.jpg2019-04-15 13.03.53-1.jpg2019-04-15 13.03.46.jpgThe underwater world has stolen my imagination (and a lot of my money). How can I not be obsessed with this magical world?

2019-04-15 12.11.26.jpg2019-04-14 23.25.39.jpg

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