The magic of Rio

Of all the places I have visited, I was most nervous to visit Rio. Rio has a reputation as a wild city – which can be the most fun but also can skew dangerously in a second. With these cautious ringing in my ears, I arrived in Rio with low expectations. However, this city really won me over in a way I never anticipated.

Upon arriving at my Santa Teresa hostel, I was invited out to sample the caipirinha-filled samba night on the streets of Lapa in downtown Rio.

The view from the hostel terrace (and the cute resident pup):DSC_3870From that excessive and exciting start, Rio just kept getting better. I did a lot of wandering while in Rio. The energy of this city just pulls you in all sorts of interesting directions. Here were some of the best bits I encountered while exploring the Miraculous city.

From the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain: 

DSC_3912.jpgAt the Selaron Steps (Escadaria Selarón):

2019-04-17 10.53.07-12019-04-17 09.09.31At the Catedral Metropolitana de São Sebastião:

2019-04-17 11.45.00 HDR2019-04-17 11.52.27

From the soft sand of Cococabana beach: 

2019-04-17 17.11.57-12019-04-17 17.02.57

And all the special places in between: 

2019-04-16 11.33.32-22019-04-16 12.05.442019-04-16 11.50.002019-04-16 11.35.112019-04-16 10.58.162019-04-17 10.24.56 HDR

Discovering the delightful idiosyncrasies of a new place. Like these wild cannonball /monkey flower trees (Couroupita Guianensis).

And making new friends: 


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